Day 7 — I cheated

I took a long nap this afternoon after lunch. It made up for the hours of sleepless nights during these past few weeks while Mr. O was out of town for work. It was only a few hours, but I felt so rejuvenated. I used to feel guilty taking naps on weekends, but then after awhile I let that guilt go.

With my nap went a bit too long into the afternoon, I woke up at 5 p.m. and started making dinner. Today for dinner I cheated, and prepared the quickest meal in 25 minutes with store-bought Alfredo sauce and ravioli from Trader Joe’s. I also sliced two tomatoes and two fresh mozzarella balls to make capresé salad, threw in a bunch of olives and called it an appetizer, which it’s currently the favorite among family members.

Nothing much going on for our usual Sunday.

Oh wait, yes, there were two fires about 15 to 20 miles north from where we live today, and strong wind swept and sent thick smoke and black ashes all the way to our town, causing hazardous and choking air to breath so we skipped our morning walk. We have big pieces of ash falling down onto our roof and backyard.

The air is quite eerie this morning.

I can still smell the burning smoke even at 9 p.m. I hope the school will keep kids in classes tomorrow for recesses and P.E. classes.