Day 8 — it’s a win

Joy of the day — having Mr. O taking the kids to school and then picking them up in the afternoon.

He has a day off from work and my work-day wasn’t as stressful as last week.

P.S. I volunteered for PP’s class this morning. Monday is usually for break-out groups and I have the top readers in the class, including PP. Before taking parts in reading about Benjamin Franklin, I asked the kids what they did over the weekend. When it was PP’s turn, he said that he did homework on Sunday. Three other boys in the group were surprised that PP had to do homework because all they did was playing video games. PP was a bit embarrassed at the reaction but I chimed in to say that he isn’t doing well in class so I have him do extra work to catch up with the other kids. Now that I think about it, I was not sure it was my place to chime in and I should let PP respond and speak his opinion.

At picked-up time he ran to me and immediately shared that he passed the test that he failed last week, and today he got 100 percent. Then he thanked me for helping him with the math drill that we did on Sunday.

It was a win!

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