Day 12 — bait and click

First thing first…I miss watching the sunset at a beach!


Photo of a sunset at a beach, albeit that it was just a drive-by photo taken with my iPhone of La Jolla in San Diego back in August.

Beautiful picture of coastal landscape calms me down.

The one thing that bothered me today was Mr. First-born’s feigning of sickness to leave school early and be home. He started to strategize since last night, claiming a sore throat and a tummy ache, so he skipped half of a dinner and retreated to bed early.

Morning came around. He didn’t wake up on time until Mr. O woke him up. He started coughing. Fake cough. You see, as a mama for this many year, nine years to be exact, I can really detect a fake cough if I heard one.

And damn he had a fake cough.

Mr. O is a hypochondriac. You know what that is? It’s a person who is constantly thinking he has some sort of illnesses even with the smallest symptom.

As a hypochondriac, Mr. O fell for the trick that my First-Born put up. But I fought back and my rules really rule the optimal supreme. This kid better get his ass out of bed and get ready for school. He has no other choice because he has homework to turn in, a weekly spelling test to take, and a math sprint to move up the next multiplication table.

Mr. O, a softy under such circumstances, told First-Born that if in the middle of a school day if First-Born not feeling well then he can call home and we can pick him up.

Of course, what daddy just said was like a silver lining for First-Born who had the intention to stay home from the beginning. I agreed to that arrangement, just to be less of a mean mom.

At 9:50 a.m., the nurse called and asked me to come pick his ass up. And I did, willingly did! Luckily, Mr. O worked from home today so I didn’t have to cancel my Friday volunteer shift.

Mrs. B told me when I came in to do my volunteer that First-Born asked to go to the bathroom to throw up and so she said that if he was not feeling well then he should go home. Hence, he was home. But she said he was fine at the beginning of the day, talking loud, running, having fun with his classmates with no signs or symptom of sickness. I guess only when he remembered that Mr. O gave him the permission to skip school then he started putting on Oscar-winning acting to get out of school.

At the end of the day, Mr. O and I sat him down to have a chat with him, and that if he continues to feign anymore sickness to be at home to watch TV…then he is turning himself to become a boy who cries wolf. Next time when he is really and truly sick, we will not take it seriously and that would be a loss of trust among us. We let him get away with it this time because it is a lesson we want him to learn.

So that conversation ended with an apology, and a promise.

Parenting…the freaking hardest job on earth!

P.S. Mr. O packed his luggages tonight for a flight out to D.C. tomorrow. He is spending a whole week in D.C. to meet with the orange turd. Just kidding, I would not let him.

P.S. 2 — We are moving!