Day 13 — money in the trash

The main highlight of the day was attending a two-hour long kung fu belt promotion for the boys. Both did very well with a few mistakes here and there but they were promoted to orange belt of rank, but not part of the Black Belt Club so they just got the normal orange belt without the black stripe in the middle. I really don’t expect them to get the black belt anytime soon.

Mr. O left for an early flight to D.C. this morning. We dropped him off at the train station to make it easier for me not to drive all the way to the airport in South San Francisco. The boys and I then went to the library and brought home one bag full of books.

I am so happy that my kids are really into books.

Later on after kung fu session we took a short drive to Trader Joe’s to pick up grocery and to treat the boys with Baskin Robin’s ice cream as I promised them of special treat. The highlight for their trip was picking up a $5 bill on top of a trash can right outside of Trader Joe’s. PP said that it was his lucky day, as before he only picked single dime or penny on the street, and never once did he get a paper bill. We used that $5 to pay for a gift card at Baskin Robins for his friend’s birthday next week.

We are a bit lonely without Mr. O home on the weekend, so tonight was a “yes” night for them. I gave them a free pass on eating dinner and watching TV at the same time, eating popcorn and watching a movie and stay up late. I also promised them that I will make hot chocolate for them right now.