Day 14 — for all the love of blue sky in autumn

California sun

It’s a bit odd to wake up on Sunday with just me and the boys. I made them pancakes for breakfast and baked an extra egg bread for snack using left over pancake batter (should I call it pancake bread?) Then we were off to the park and climbed that little steep hill for fresh air. The weather is so nice, warm and sunny, and perfectly cool for a hike.

and blue sky…
Up the hill we went
Red-tail Hawk

digging for dinosaur bones

P.S. — I haven’t touched my DSLR for more than a month and have been relying on the iPhone for collecting moments of my boring life. Sometimes I wonder if I really need the big camera at all when it is so much more convenient and easier to snap and go with the phone. But I do miss the high quality, and the time I spent editing colors and tweak the image to my own liking.

black/white option on iPhone 8+

When I fix my damn old Macbook laptop then I can clean the dust off the camera and bring it off the shelf. For now, all photos will be dependent on how my iPhone performs.

P.S. 2 — Mr. O is away but asked me to do a whole  to-do list that I cannot remember all. Tonight I almost forgot taking the trash bins out to the curb for Monday pick-up.

P.S. 3 — Today, Tendril turns 21 years old!