Day 15 — a zombie

I don’t know how I have survived and a whole busy day with about two hours of sleep. My droopy eye bags need a serious lift because they are just dragging my face down like a hog. I am a walking dead today!

While waiting for Peanut to finish his kung fu class and helping PP with his homework I was dozing off at the parent-waiting area. So I asked PP to stay and keep watch of his younger brother and I crawled back into the car to get a 15-minute of shut-eyes. That little cat nap helped me functioning to near normal.

(I am, in fact, closing my eyes while typing this blog post on Mr. O’s laptop. I am just an awesome typist!)

The sky has gotten dark earlier each day so by the time PP’s kung fu session ends all the lights around the city lit up. I am grateful that I live in California with much better fall weather this time of the year. Mom called me on Sunday and said that there were some snow flurries outside of her window. I just thought about living in the cold climate and shivered at that very thought. Thank you, California!

Ok, I don’t know what else to write. My brain shuts down tonight!

P.S. Today is my youngest brother’s birthday. He turns 35!

P.S. 2 — Today while cleaning the house I remembered a time that I went to see a fortune teller in Vietnam 20 years ago during the summer of my eight-month long study abroad program. Suddenly I remember what the fortune teller told me at that time, and upon reflection…she was right on the money. I might have to write this story into a blog post, although my recollection of details isn’t good now since two decades have passed and I don’t have much neurons or synapses in my brain to connect knit them altogether.

P.S. 3. — My aunt went to see the fortune teller in the town of Long Hải for marriage advice and I happened to tag along with her.