Day 18 — broken records

I finally gave in and popped two Advils into my mouth this morning to get rid of the unending migraines I am suffering for two days. Last night it switched to the right side of the brain, throbbing and pulsing the frontal lobe even in my short sleep. I went through the logs of food I ate this week and realized that I haven’t taking care of myself by eating too much carb and sugar. Basically I didn’t cook separated food for me and the kids and just ate whatever I made for their meals. On top of that, I also bought kimchi from Korean restaurant and I think eating too much sodium cause blood hypertension for me and hence the deadly migraines took over my life.

Anyway, today I made healthy food and am starting to feel better. I still feel a bit of throbbing that is on the verge of becoming a full blown soon so I better get to bed and sleep.

I know, I have been writing too damn much about migraines like a broken record. So hopefully this is the last one until the next major attack.

Another source of pain that compounds the unceasing headache is dealing with the kids. I had a tug war with PP again yesterday when he refused to practice his math drill.

Guess what? Today he failed that weekly test again. I am taking his privileges away, not because he failed, but more so about his attitude and the choices that he made. Instead of practicing, he sat at the desk and wrote a journal entry detailing that math is boring and a waste of time. Then today he said he failed because he is dumb, and that I care more about his success on tests than care about him.


Arghhhh…oh god help me with this child!!! I was really livid. LIVID!!!

I told him if he were to spent extra time to practice and even when he failed, I wouldn’t be upset and disappointed. On the contrary, I will applaud his effort for trying his best. But if he does not care about putting effort to get the best result, then why would I care?

Also, he said that his classmates get to play video games after school and don’t have to do extra homework then why do I have to make him do work. I said, if those kids were my children then I would do the same to them that I do to you. Whomever is/are my children then I am parenting that child. If they aren’t mine, then they can do whatever the hell they want.

Sometime I just want to not see or look at my children’ faces when they are having this kind of attitude — the ungrateful and entitled ones.

P.S. Dramafever is shut down just shortly after AT&T’s acquisition of Warner Bros. My nine-year’s membership and affiliation came to an end, abruptly!

P.S 2 — I will have a busy Friday helping the kids’ school with all kind of volunteering shifts, both during class time and then later in the evening for their annual Fall Festival. Today I cooked dinner for tomorrow so I don’t have to deal with preparing meals from scratch for the boys in between shifts.

P.S. 3 — I am sorry that my daily posts are really boring.