Day 19 — fun day!

I lost my voice.

Today I volunteered for the boys’s Fall Festival at school and was responsible for the donut-eating contest. That’s how I lost my voice after spending three hours cheering and shouting in good spirit to get the kids excited. There were so many of them lining up for their turns and we probably offered more than 500 donuts throughout the evening. Some of them lined up again more than one times. Now that I think about it, I should have asked for a megaphone to help projecting my voice.

But no regrets. It was a whole lot of fun for me. The school raised quite a bit of money and also helped build such a great small community for this neighborhood’s school. Some kids and their parents were surprised that I know their names. That’s the benefit of being one of the parents who are constantly there on school campus almost every day.

I think I was a great teacher in my past life. 🙂

That’s Peanut trying to yank the donut away from the string since contestants were not allowed to use their hands.

Later on when we were on our way home, they both reported back the number of donuts that they had before I took over my shifts since I was busy with two booths. PP had nine and Peanut had six. On top of that, each had at least two lollipops and two snow-cones.

I was flabbergasted! Tomorrow I am going to feed them a whole lot of fiber to flush out all that artificial shit that they consumed in great quantity.

P.S. Mr. O got home at around 9:30 p.m. after a long flight from east back to west.

P.S. 2 — I had dinner at 4 p.m. and now I am so hungry but can’t eat this late.