Day 20 — the pets’ lives

The boys have been begging to have pets like a dog or a cat or even turtle and fish for many years but I, as the supreme council of household management, have also been rejecting their requests for many years. I just don’t like to have that extra work when my plate is already full. Having pets on top of that is whole another level of commitment that I know once I commit I am giving 100% or more. So I’d rather be the mean mom who holds that “no pet” rule at the high level.

Then at the Fall Festival yesterday they won six goldfish to bring home and insisted on keeping the fish. It’s a perfect trial run for them to have a sense of “what is it like having pets at home.” They were warned that goldfish have short life-hood if they are not well cared for or if we don’t have the right habitat for them. This morning the boys wanted to buy a big fish bowl and all kinds of apparatus to maintain their fish. But I am a cheap person so I told them I already have a big bowl at home.

By the time we came home from our morning walk one fish was already lifelessly afloat at the top of the water line. That was one of Peanut’ fish; he won four of them yesterday at the ring-throwing contest. He was so sad and stood next to the bowl giving the dead fish a prayer. That was really cute!

Then we went out in the afternoon to attend a birthday party. When we came home, two more were dead and we found out that Peanut overfed his fish. I then transferred the fish to a bigger bowl for more space and by the time I finished taking a shower, PP told me another one also dead.

Now we have four dead fish and two could barely hanging on. I am sure by tomorrow morning they will share the same fate as their friends. God bless their souls!

The kids will be devastated. But oh well, they will learn a lesson that taking on another life or two is not a simple responsibility but it requires full commitment. I will probably exaggerate some more on this narrative to drive home my point that I don’t want any pet at home.

See, I am a bit conniving to fit my own agenda. So devious of me!!

P.S. I took the kids to a birthday party at the park today. The highlight was getting to hit the piñata until it bleed out with candies and other stuff that fill with all kind of artificial shit that I am not too happy about. I haven’t had the chance to detox them for what they had yesterday, today they got more toxic stuff.

I coyly threw the bag of candies in the trash when they were too busy focusing on something else.

P.S. 2 — I found some sweet red foliage at the park this morning and couldn’t help myself with loading the phone with more photos.

P.S. 3 — They got to do pumpkin decoration when we stopped by Trader Joe’s market. It was a free event so each got two pumpkins to bring home.