Day 21 — no rest for the weary

I have so much to do.

Actually, WE have so much to do in the next two months.

Did I mention anywhere recently that we are moving? When Mr. O shared this news with my mom, she looked at him, incredulous, and asked in English with a strong Vietnamese accent — AGAIN? — emphasizing her mid-rise tone.

He reported the scene back to me in one of our facetime conversations during the week he spent in Vegas.

Yes, we are moving again.

I am not as thrill about this move as I was three years ago when we moved to SF Bay area from the Midwest. I am very contented here and loving the beautiful landscape, our small neighborhood and friendly school, new friends I have acclimated to, the kids’ comfort zone, and our living routine.

But we have decided to make this move due to Mr. O’s job and the field he is in. He declined the offer two times but it kept coming back to him. I don’t want to say that it is fate but perhaps it’s a good timing for him to have a career move and new challenges.

In case you are curious, y’all, he got promoted to become the head custodian of a janitorial agency 🙂

I am just kidding and I hope no one takes offense over this joke. I just can’t reveal his job and or where he works due to many level of privacy that he has signed on to for this field.

It’s the CIA, in case you are still curious.

That’s a joke, too.

No, he is not a very good intelligence officer. Although I just binged through the newest series Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime and I think it’s pretty cool to be a CIA agent. Cool but dangerous!

So yes, no rest for the weary. I have to start purging and packing again and other shenanigans that needed to be done before we can settle at a new place. I just hope it is a good transition for the kids. Moving mid-year seems a bit difficult but I think my kids can and will acclimate with just a few kinks that can be solved with a few rounds of ice cream. 😘

That’s where I am right now — looking forward and moving ahead with decisions that we had agonized over for a few months.

I still love the Bay Area, though. 😩☹️😢😭