Day 23 — it’s getting real

I am feeling surreal, that we are going through this process again, reliving the last time we moved two and a half years ago.

Today we met with the realtor to sign a contract to put the house on the market. It’s bittersweet. I’ve come to really love this house.

I also broke the news to Mrs. F, my 2 a.m. friend, and she was both happy and sad. We walked for almost three miles today. She said that between now and the day we move, she wants to savor our Tuesday and Thursday morning walk.

I also talked to PP’s teacher after school and she is also broken hearted because I am her Monday- and Friday-volunteer and now she has to find a replacement for me to fill those slots.

Ok, boring stuff, but I just want to write these down.

P.S. I went to the doctor in the afternoon to get some urgent check-up — I have UTI and now am on antibiotic. That’s what happened when the husband came back from traveling for a whole week. 🤣😜