Day 24 — uneventful

We finally hired a crew of two guys to cut large dead branches and limbs from our oak tree in the backyard. Do you know that in California, or at least where I live, that you cannot cut down an oak tree without an approval from certified arborist? We spent more than $200 for an arborist to inspect the tree a few weeks ago and he gave us a go to trim, not cut, since half of it is still healthy. Today we shelled out another $650 to have the professional tree experts to do the trimming and removal of cut woods.

It was necessary to spend this much of money on a tree because the county may give us a big fine if the dead branch gets rotten and may land on our neighbors’ roof after falling off from the main trunk. So we have no other choice.

I also went through all of the boys’ collection of books and so far all came to about four boxes that they want to bring to the new place.

Why do books come in so many different sizes and measurements? It’s a challenge trying to fit them properly in the boxes.

The biggest accomplishment of the day was taking apart the treadmill, dragging it out to the front door, putting it back together so that it could be picked up by the staff from Habitat for Humanity. I feel so relieved now. That treadmill had served its purpose when we were in MN but I rarely used it since we moved to CA.