Day 27 — signing our lives away

The realtor agent came to our house this morning with two-inch stack of documents for us to sign. This part of the process always makes me nervous every single time and this is the fourth time we are doing it.

We also hired a cleaning crew to do three-hour of deep cleaning the entire house. They were some of the most hard-working people that I have ever met. Not only they did a fantastic job as professionals, they were also courteous and always smiling. The bonus part for us was listening to them humming and singing in Spanish.

On the same day we have the painting crew to do exterior painting. This has been our plan even before we decided to move. They came to do power wash first yesterday and today they finished the work. Then there was a huge chunk of our saving that went with them once they left in the afternoon. 😭😭😭

Sorry, I have not much but all these craps to write about. My birthday month for this year is nothing but about the move.

Anyway, our boring lives and boring routine continue.