Day 28 — last weekend of my 41

I feel so discouraged this week — Discouraged and hopeless. What is going on with our world these days? I cannot find the answers. Every time news of current events broke out I just want to become deaf and mute, and turn blind to what’s going on in our society this day and age. I just want to have that bliss of ignorance.

But I just can’t. I feel it every time I hear or read news that fills with people suffering.

What a week of tragic events that we have this week…

I don’t want to raise my children in a world full of fear and hate. I cannot explain to them how and why senseless killings are happening so frequently and we seem to be immune to them as if they are normal and acceptable. They aren’t, and they should be condemned.

I give up reading and watching the news. I really do. I want to build a wall and bar myself from it. I need to protect my sanity.

I hope my one vote in November can make a difference in some way.

And I am glad that I am off facebook and other media platforms. I am glad that I have only this quiet corner to come home to and write down these things.