Day 30 — where to next?


The last day of my 41.

I spent my morning putting back together the props for home staging as the interior designer suggested. I wish I could post a photo of my living room and bedroom for you to see how she transformed the place into something simple and contemporary. I learned a few tips and tricks from her that I think I can use for our next place.

Anyway, after such frenzy I finished in time for the agent to come with new documents for me to sign. This time it was a work authorization for a crew to come tomorrow and fix part of the shower tiles and the back door that failed to meet the codes upon inspection on Monday. That is another grand out of our pocket eight there. I told Mr. O that I am glad that both of us have been frugal on our spending and hence now we have some cushion to deal with emergency situations like this. And we don’t have to borrow from anyone. I just hate the idea of borrowing large amount of cash like this from people. In these days and age, you can pick up a small loan from the bank so I am really appalled when people had asked me to loan them large amount of cash. Budgeting is crucial and now I see such benefits.

Once that document was done I headed out to meet my 2-am friend to treat her to lunch because she came over on Sunday and Monday to help me with small touch-ups on the walls and fixed the broken pin on one of the plantation shutters. We had Mexican food and sure enough I had my fills of tacos for Tuesday.

And then my kitchen was opened again after four or five days of not using it. I gave the kids and Mr. O home-cook meal; the kids wanted to eat out but the husband appreciated healthy stuff for way more cheaper than eating out.

And here it is…

Our next life adventures will bring us to San Diego, California. It’s not that I don’t love San Diego, it’s just because I love the SF Bay area way more than any other places that I have lived, and that included Boston where Mr. O and I met and got married and had our first child. I have been to San Diego two times, and both time I didn’t feel it, as if the city and I didn’t connect on a certain level of chemistry. I was underwhelmed by its vibes.

(Sorry chị Q!)

Therefore I haven’t been too thrilled about this move. SF Bay and I are still very much in love, although it seems more like a one-side love, and to be breaking up with it just shortly after two years when I am not ready for the break-up is unsettling.

I know, I know…I have to give San Diego a try, and of course I will eventually. Perhaps I will find ways to love it some more when we fly down there this Thursday. I might come back on Sunday with a new and fresh coat of enamored feeling for the city that hosts our next phase of life.