random late night musing

Mr. O took a 6-am flight out of San Diego this morning for a four-day and three-night in New York City for work. It’s the first trip he has done since we moved to San Diego. I got used to his work travel for many years with the previous jobs so this short trip will go by with a blink of an eye. He is there for a conference and doing some consulting work too.

I don’t know what’s the weather in New York is like, but he said it’s dreary and cold with some drizzling rain. Then within the same breath, he said, honey, forget about moving to NYC because I don’t think anything can beat California weather.

Hah, I could have told you so!

(That’s what I said to him)

As someone who has lots of experience in the banking and financial policy and such, NYC is the hub for people  like him. He had talked about the potential opportunity of moving to NYC to expand his experience and move up the ladder. But again, I am glad he is taking this trip so that he can go back to the present and how we have embraced California for these past three years.

Anyway, it’s our first night in San Diego without him.

That’s why I can stay up late and write at this late hour. It’s been a long time since the last time I had done so. Usually I am in bed by 9 p.m. when he is home, but now I am staying way beyond that. It’s kind of nice, though!

And I have a whole bed to myself, too. 😀

But I have a sick child at home. Peanut has a low fever tonight that keeps him whining and sulking. It’s probably due to a molar erupting in the back of his mouth. This kid has been sick on and off these past few months. I think it’s the weather. Where we live, the temperature is cooler than inland since we are so close to the coast. Sometimes it’s quite cold in the morning but warm by the time they get out of school. I constantly insist that they bring extra layers to keep themselves warm or cool depending on the temperatures throughout the day but sometimes I have no control what they do at school.

Talking about school, I have to share that both boys are doing quite well with their adjustment after three months. They are both nominated by the teachers to be Star Student of the month in their class. I know very well that most of it is all about encouragement, but I do acknowledge that they have strived by leaps and bounds since they started in January.

Lately I have been busy helping PP prepping for his first official compulsory exam, the CAASPP (California..something something!), which will take place from May 20 to May 30. That’s two straight week of sitting for two hours each day from 8 to 10 a.m. This kid is going in for an academic shock as he cannot sit still and has hard time with concentration. So I am doing by best to help him building up stamina and learning to slow down. He is learning test-taking techniques that I hope it will be a life-long skills later on when he needs to sit for the ACT or SAT as the time comes for college admission.

You know, college is not too far in the horizon. He is turning 10 this year, so if I do the basic math, that’s only 8 years away.

Oh, one more random musing.

Tonight for dinner I made the epic and the most comfort food ever — Vietnamese egg omelette. The kids have always  liked to eat this whenever Mr. O is away traveling. So tonight as a way to comfort them with Mr. O’s absence, I beat six eggs, parboil one big broccoli head, half of an English cucumber, and one two cups of cook red quinoa. Then, I put everything in a big mixing bowl, put some dash of Maggi soy sauce…and voila, I fed them dinner while they were watching Arthur on PBS. I know I spoil them whenever I do this but once in a while I have to cut loose, especially when Mr. O is away. It was so good that they asked for an encore tomorrow.

I guess with a sick child in tow, I am back on night duty tonight. 😀 It might be a long night, but I think I can catch some cat naps tomorrow after dropping them off at school in the morning.

Korean dramas will help sustain my stamina for this night shift. 😀