The whirlwind of my sick days

I have been beaten up by the cold virus. Stay-home-mom does not get a sick day so even when I am not feeling well I still have to turn up for the day as normal as when I am well.

Mr. O is in San Francisco tonight for a meeting. He flew up in the afternoon for the meeting that started at 5 and ended at 8. His flight back does not depart until 11 p.m. I told him to stay at a hotel up there for a night but he refused and wanted to come home to his bed.

He won’t het home probably until 1 a.m.

Peanut had a physical fight with a classmate at the playground during their usual after-school playtime. I had to intervene before it got escalated and calm both boys down. Both were crying their hearts out and I felt that my Peanut was at fault because I know my child well. He was upset at me later for being nice to the other kid. I still don’t know the reason why they got into a fight in the first place. The other kid’s mom came over later when her child had already calmed down. She apologized profusely for her son’s involvement in the altercation. I told her I feel the same way so we both apologizing to each other.

On the way home Peanut told me that the other kid wanted to play with his best friend and eventually it came to heated exchange with them having their hands on each other shoulder.

Oh well, that’s the first. There is always a first for everything.

Wednesday night has always been the night of great tension because PP has his homework package due and spelling test every Thursday. He was sick for a few days so tonight he crammed through the homework which made it even harder for me as he has some bad attitude about working on it with positive effort. I just wanted to kick his ass! He dragged on and on with the same problems without even mapping out strategies and method and just gave random cursory answers that had little to nothing for the actual answer.

I gave up and stepped away to give myself space before I get tensed and resorted to a yelling duel. My blood pressure was very high at that time; that and the compounding factor of having a cold didn’t make me a good mom.

He eventually got it done, begrudgingly. I keep telling myself to let him work on his homework himself but every time — every single time — he put shitty effort into it and if I don’t check then he won’t get the grade for it in class.

I am becoming a hovering-parent, whether by choice or not, I can’t seem to leave it to him to get his work organized and completed.

I need to learn to give him space and time to fail. And he failed a few times already, so I am caught in this dilemma.

Anyway, enough with doubts.


I have a pot of beef marrow bones simmering on the stove. Mr. O has extended an invitation for his former colleague for Saturday dinner. They asked if I can make phở so I can’t decline. And I just made chicken phở two days ago it’s going to be beef for Saturday.

The reason I am working on the broth pot today is because I will be too busy tomorrow and Friday volunteering at their school. Peanut has a play on Friday and I signed up to be a stage mom for both rehearsal and the actual day of performance.

Busy days ahead of me!