sweet indulgence

Mr. O took a 6 a.m. flight for a two-day and one-night trip in Chicago. He is presenting a workshop tomorrow and will fly back right after the conference. The boy took advantage of the General’s absence and asked for their favorite dinner, Vietnamese-style egg omelette with rice and blanched vegetables and crunchy fresh cucumber slices. So I indulged them.

I also made some cupcakes as well. It’s a full-fledge indulgence right there. PP said that we had a poor man’s dinner and a fancy man’s dessert.

The boys came to the kitchen and stayed in front of the oven to keep an eye on the cupcakes. Before long, they began to goof off.

Cupcakes and warm milk — a nice touch before reading/bed time.


pampered Monday

Finally, I got my hair chopped off today. I have been reluctant to get it done but lately my hair has become so unruly, lifeless, and dry. After a few Yelp search I just called a place with some good review in Clairemont Mesa. The place is right next to Mr. O’s barbershop that I often passed by but never went in. It turned out that the owner is Vietnamese and two other ladies who run the shop are also Vietnamese.

I showed this photo below of my favorite hair style to one of the ladies there, and told her I also want deep conditioning to soften the frizziness.


…and more than an hour later, I walked out feeling awesome with my new hair do.

Now I feel contented having a trusted hair stylist to go to when I need a hair cut.