Book worms

Peanut has been fascinated by a book about Vietnamese folklores that I bought at a Tết Festival in MN five years ago. We have moved two times since then but I still keep it with us hoping that the boys will read it from first to last page. PP went through it a year or two ago and Peanut had shown no interest until this week. Every single chance he got for reading he would pick that book up and lugged it around with him, from the toilet to the living room to reading during snack time to bedtime reading.

Once he finished he told me that these stories are fascinating but not realistic, but he found them interesting enough to love his Vietnamese culture.

My children read more books and have more general knowledge than I was at their ages. I don’t remember what kind of books that fascinated me at age 6 and 9. I was so deprived of good books back then even though I loved to read. It’s an entirely a different world. I am glad that my children also have a knack for reading and are avid readers. The random things that they learned and then shared with each other and with us make me happy for them. Reading will help them expand and explore a greater world out there, and more importantly they will arm with more knowledge and information to form their own worldview.