Out in the field

Today I volunteered as one of the many parent chaperons for Peanut’s class field trip. The class went on a nature walk at a nearby canyon. It was a cold and gloomy morning but the kids had no problem having fun. The group was divided into six sub groups and each had a guide to teach us about many native and evasive plants as well as identifying poison oak. We also learned about animal tracks and how wood-rats could take 25 years to build their homes. The kids were so into these fascinating facts that made a two-hour hike flied by very quickly.

I was a bit exhausted going up and down the steep incline of the canyon but I got my 10K steps in for the day.


  1. The nature tour guide was teaching the kids about invasive plants, notably mustard green (yellow flowers) and wild radish (violet flowers). Both of these flowers are edible, and the wild radishes have pods that has a strong spicy taste like daikons.

2. Learning about animal tracks of different kinds.

3. Examining galls through a magnifying glass.

4. Eating wild mustard green flowers.

5. Another tour guide caught a bee and so the kids learn about bees collecting pollens. 

6. The kids got to play with a kind of beetle. 

7. Walking up the steep slope of the canyon.