Day 12 — altering life style


Mr. O came home today with a bright smile showing off his blood test results. Our number one concern has always been his cholesterol number. It has always been so high to near 300, particularly is bad cholesterol number. However, today the total number dropped significantly, from 290 or so at the last health check up in October to 232 today.

So we both concluded that the contributing factor for the drop of his cholesterol number was due to him not traveling extensively like he used to before this job. We have had home cook meals everyday whereas when he traveled he ate out at restaurants almost everyday. But at home I carefully select organic and provide dishes with nutritional purposes. We do eat out on weekends but I am also selective on dishes that we consume even though sometimes we had cheat meals and forwent healthy stuff and just gnawed on stuff that load with carb and sugar.

Anyway, Mr. O is very happy about it. He is actually surprised at how much of an improvement he has gotten just from not traveling. So it is more of a blessing that he switched job and made a big move. Also, we have done a lot of walking and hiking. I guess a combination healthy food and being active on our feet has helped making a difference.


First day of summer break has been well. I let the kids having their free choices to select TV and computer games more than they had before. I also took them out to the park early to avoid the rising heat. They rode their scooters and I walked for two miles. By that time the heat was getting warmer, too much for the kids to bear so we quit the park and went to the dry cleaner to pick up clothes for Mr. O. The rest of the day we spent indoor even though I planned to take them to the library to pick up more books.

P.S. I finished Season 3 of Poldark last night.


One thought on “Day 12 — altering life style

  1. Tụi nhỏ nghỉ hè rồi ha nàng. Vậy mà mẹ đẹp lại bận rộn liên miên với 2 chàng rồi đó. Mẹ đẹp nhớ giữ gìn sức khỏe nha.

    À quên, chúc mừng Mr. O nữa chứ. Có vợ đẹp chăm sóc tỉ mỉ là kiểu gì ổng cũng phải khỏe mạnh thôi à. 🙂

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