Day 13 — save some money


It’s so hard to write this post today, not because I have a tough day, but because I have nothing much to write.

I guess the highlight of the day was to change our insurance from one company to another to reduce the cost but still get the same coverage. Mr. O did a good job searching around and talking to various agencies in the area. He is good with these kind of household matters and manages very well. I am lucky to have him taking over these stuff for me.

Another thing to note that I made a new dish today to clean up the meat drawer in the fridge. The dish has ground turkey, lemon grass, fresh turmeric, and lots of garlic. To my surprise Mr. O liked it and would like to have it again. He is a picky eater, which I loathe, and had found turkey meat is off-putting if not roasted Thanksgiving-style and to be eaten with gravy. So to have him liking a turkey dish and also a new dish is a surprise to me. I only intended to make it for myself but once he tasted it he approved it.

Boy, I started this post at 8:30 pm when I first got to bed and it is now 10:15 pm. I told you, it is a hard post to write.


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