Day 16 — Father’s Day


I got to put on make-up today because we were invited to a party in Escondido. The boys had a great time swimming in the pool with a dozen of kids. I also broke out of my social cocoon and engaged in grown-up conversations with other adults.

We left the part at 3 pm because we didn’t want to overstay our welcome. That’s one of our cardinal rules of social etiquette. Another one is to not dress shabbily even if it is a casual gathering. We teach the boys these rules, too, so they look good upon first, second, third and beyond of impression. But anyway, we left at 3 pm while there was a throng of people still hanging around the pool.

Mr. O wanted to go out for dinner but I decided to do some grocery run and whipped up a simple dinner for us to eat at home. He asked for swordfish and pasta with lemon sauce. I also made homemade mango ice cream for the kids using the Vitamix blender. They didn’t warm up to it at first because their tongues are used to the taste of heavily creamed ice cream and so my version was said to be bland and missing a punch.

I guess the day was a bit eventful and I liked it that we went out of our boring routine to meet other adults. The boys also had the opportunity to socialize with a different set of kids their own age. They were so happy to have new friends although I don’t think they will meet as often as they want to.

Mr. O had a great Father’s Day.


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