Day 24 — a day at the Safari Park


We took a trip away from La Jolla for a change of weather and spent most of the day at the San Diego Safari Park. It was warm and sunny, quite contrast to the cold and gloomy weather of the coast. Someone told me that marine air will probably last until July so hopefully when we come back from our trip to MN we will get real summer weather.

Safari Park is a great place for the kids today. They got to see many different animals, stopped by the Condor Trail to learn about conservation efforts of California condors, and then at the Australian Outbacks we got to get close to kangaroos. There were so many wonderful things that we learned and appreciate. Hopefully these boys are learning to be more aware of endangered species and helpful to curb environmental changes that largely impact the existences of many animals, locally and globally.

We were fortunate to be invited by my new mom-friend whose son is Peanut’s best friend. She volunteers for the San Diego Zoo and received four free tickets and asked us to come along. Mr. O couldn’t make it because obviously he has to work. Last time we were there was in December of 2016 and the weather was wet and rainy. This time around with summer weather and all the jacaranda trees with purple blooms and other trees of various colors lightened up the park.

Time was well spent and I reached my step goals as well as active minutes for the day.


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