Happy October, to me!

It’s the first day of October. The air is cool and chill in the morning. Chill enough for me to put on long-sleeve shirt and a light jacket. It’s not that dreary and drab kind of chill of those October in Minnesota, but sure it does have that faint air of autumn.

I am turning another year “young at heart” at the end of the month.


I spent nearly three hours at the clinic for my annual exam and some blood tests. There has been a few health issues, although minor and not alarming, I am on top my my self-care list to be well and healthy.

Good news — I still maintain my weight below 140 lbs! I thought I am in the 150 lbs range but I surprised myself.

And I shrunk a quarter of an inch. Not that it is a big deal now, but my doctor told me to take more calcium as I might have potential bone loss.



I cannot believe I will do this. But it happened.

I closed the blog and put it on private for these past two days because PP somehow googled his full name and found an image of his baby picture that led him to my blog. Then he told Mr. O about it so I was in trouble for two whole days. I had to ask and wait for google to take down the image in its cache since I deleted the link and everything. It took google 24 hours for the request to take effect. Anyway, I have to start a new blog soon and will do further writing without their photos.

I know not many readers are left following this blog but I respect those who continues to read and I will continue to write.

I will close this blog in about a week and put it in private to preserve over 10 years of writing without deleting anything and still keep my promise to the kids and Mr. O. Perhaps I will transfer some of the writing, sans kids’ photos, over to the new blog for those who want to go back and read. But that will take some times to complete. It’s a big project.

Once I have sometimes to get a new blog this weekend, still using WordPress though, then I will post the link up here.

Thank you!

nightly annoyance

It’s the wee hour of Tuesday morning.

(not really, it’s only 12:30 a.m.; I just wanted to start the first line with a dramatic beat!)

I cannot sleep.

For one, my sinus is not really helping me right now, and it’s hard to lay down; I have to sit up to breathe. Two, Mr. O is not here, and it’s hard for me to fall asleep when he is away for work. And three, I am a lone fox on a night shift checking on the boys because they still have that lingering cold virus and some dry cough.

Last but not least, there is an annoying two-beat sound, not creepy, but faint and yet very annoying sound keep echoing the apartment complex. It’s like a tune bug; it creeps into my head without me even sending an invitation. This is not the first time the sound appears, but has been repeated around 8 to 10 p.m. at night for months. It’s past mid-night, and that damn annoying sound is up in the air again. Mr. O and I have been curious trying to detect the actual source of that sound for months too, but came up with no conclusive answer for what it actually is.

I have a few postulations — the sound of a clothes dryer’ balls hitting the wall of the dryers while in motion (many apartments have the washers and dryers in the balcony’s closet); someone has a god-damn annoying parrot and is teaching that pet to repeat that two-beat sound; and a night crew working on either the construction of a much anticipated grad-school student residence village or of the new rails two blocks away from here in the opposite direction. I don’t think construction noise could be reduced to only that two-beat sound but my guess is as solid as thin air.

Whatever it is — it’s very annoying every single night. It stops now at the time I am writing this paragraph, but I am sure it will be back up again in a few minutes.

I become neurotic of this weird sound every night, too. I keep telling Mr. O to ask the people in the property management office if they know about this annoying sound. I don’t think he did it yet, or else I would have the answer by now.

P.S. It’s been 10 minutes, and the sound has vanished. It might come back soon, or it might not. I hope it won’t, so I can get that sound out of my head and fall asleep.




current state of my day

My Fitbit registered at zero step today. I didn’t wear it, and I didn’t need to. The boys and I have been inside our apartment all day today without taking a single step pass the threshold of our door. We caught the cold virus; yup, three of us at the same time. Even though it’s a mild one, it still left me in bed most of the time. Fortunately, the boys are at the age of quite being independent so I left them with plenty of computers and TV times. I know, I usually don’t indulge them with too much screen time but I got to take care of myself too. Nonetheless, I got out of bed to make meals for the boys, check on them for drinking enough water, and in the evening I played two rounds of UNO with them.

Mr. O is in Las Vegas for a conference. He flew out last night and won’t come back until Wednesday. He supposed to have another meeting in D.C. at the end of the week or early next week but he decided to cancel that one, citing reasons that he cannot be away from the kids that many days in a row. I am happy that he did cancel because I don’t want to have a whole weekend without him; the boys would drive me beyond crazy.

Last night he called and told me that the Lyft driver was trying to cajole him into going to a gentlemen’s club on their ride from the airport to his hotel. The driver insisted that my husband should experience something of risqué endeavor while staying in Sin City. Obviously, my husband refused, and told the driver that he is happily married and won’t need any extracurricular activities that deem unfaithful to me. The driver persisted and even offered a free ride. It seemed to me that the guy was working on commission for that particular gentlemen’s club, or else he would not be that persistent in cajoling my husband to commit a sin. I didn’t take it as a joke at all, and told my husband that he should lowly rate the driver and report his ass to Lyft for inappropriate incitation and misconduct. WTF!




false hope

On a whim, we looked on Zillow for a home after a few months of hiatus. Then we went to an Open House. It’s a townhouse in a very quiet neighborhood in La Jolla. The house is perfect for us with a lot of charms that I see– three bedrooms, two and a half baths, and a two-level, which the boys like to have, and nice little outdoor area. The Home Owner Association (HOA) monthly fee is $210, which is not as high compare to other places that could be in the $800s. It’s crazy in this area that some townhouses and neighborhoods could impose such high HOA monthly fees that sometimes is equivalent to a one-bedroom rent in Minnesota. The home price is a bit higher than what we could afford, and there is not an AC unit currently installed. The sellers are motivated to sell since they are somewhere in the Caribbean and would not want the property to be emptied. They had it up for rental for a few years and now the tenants moved out so they want to sell.

But after many conversations back and forth, or pros and cons, Mr. O and I — however tempted we were — decided against buying.

So we keep on dreaming…and continue renting for now.