50 miles for Tuesday

The highlight of my day was spending three hours in an allergy clinic for Peanut to get tested. We got some vague answers for his eczema but also found out he is slightly allergic to nuts (walnut, almond, peanut, and soy nut), and a shellfish. The allergy specialist linked the nuts and shellfish allergies to eczema but even days that I he didn’t have any, eczema still flared up. But anyway, the allergies are very fractional so we don’t need EpiPen, which is a good thing because those things are damn expensive. I just need to be more watchful of what he eats, and perhaps reduce the food that causes eczema. The allergy specialist suggested we have a follow up in late March for second testing.

This boy screamed his lungs out when the nurse pricked the skin on his back. I had to pin him down so that he would not get hurt accidentally by the pricks.

This photo was taken for his homework, which is due tomorrow. He was holding Pickles the Frog, the class’s mascot. The kids in his class rotate each week for time with Pickles, and then each write a journal entry or two telling how they spend their time with their stuffy friend. My little friend wrote about having noodle soup for lunch with Pickles, and then Pickles napped on his study chair. 😛

The not-so-highlight of the day was dragging a sick puppy around town for various errands while he was feeling lethargic. I didn’t get to feed him lunch until 3 p.m. when we got out of the allergy clinic. We stopped by Wholefoods for him to get a small cup of chicken noodle soup, which he didn’t finish, and just wanted to go home for a nap.

This picture was taken last week. He didn’t look this up-spirit today. I kind of miss the hyperactive kid, though!

P.S. I spent 2 and a half hours this morning making 30 spring rolls and then delivered to Mr. O’s work place for him to share with colleagues. Hence, the driving back and forth with an accumulation of 50 miles from one place to another.


run, Forrest…run

The Parent-Teacher association at the boys’ school organized a Walk-a-Thon last week to raise money for the school. The weather was perfect for walking/running that day while it was raining heavy the day before. My boys did very well with each of their own strength, they ran/jogged instead of walk; Peanut did 8 laps, equivalent to 2 miles, and Peapod did 12 laps, that’s 3 miles…

We didn’t get any friends or O’s coworkers to sign up so we have to give the boys money for contribution to PTA’s fund. It seems that we have been donating more to our kids’ school than other organizations that needed funds this year. Our kids come first!

Overall, it was a fun experience for them. They were overjoyed that I was one of the parent volunteers for the event, helping kids with water and snack, taking photos, and even walking the course with some little Kindergarteners who couldn’t walk long distance.

And the boys slept so well that night!

making progress

It’s all about timing…

I think he is now ready and willing to learn on his own. Every day I give him 20-30 minutes of combined work in writing-practice, basic math, phonics, and memorizing  a few sight words. I’d say, about 80% of the time when I asked him to get his work book, he would immediately go at it then hop on the chair at the dining table to sit and work with me. A few months ago, it was a real struggle.

His hand writing is much better than PP’s.

I even received a bonus. His elder brother taught him how to write “Mẹ”, one of the Vietnamese words for “Mother”.

Working hard…

when May returns

This time last year we were busy purging and packing our lives, put them in carton boxes, and ready for the move to Northern California. That one full month captured so much of despair (house hunting) as well as excitement (living in California!!!) but we persisted and got through it.

Then May returns once more…we are now very much settled in, although there are still a few boxes that needed to be unpacked, but we are embracing new surroundings and friends that we have. Beside the death of my father less than two weeks ago, nothing major has dampened my spirit since we moved here.

I finally lived through my first winter in America without snow (and sleet, and black ice, slippery drives, heavy winter coats, and seasonal depression) Should I say that it was a dream came true after all those years wishing for a warm winter? Sure thing…

Today the temperature rose up to over 90 degrees; it sure was burning hot. After school, I packed snacks and drinks and took the boys to the splash pad and spent two hours with them running around the park spraying water at each other. It was time well spent! I think the dry season is approaching after one beautiful spring season we just had.

P.S. Thank you for all of your condolences in regards to the passing of my late father. I am doing rather well!


Big brother fell down on the floor and hurt his knee, the little brother came to the rescue and told big brother, don’t worry Noah, I got ya! He lent his shoulder for the big brother to hold on to as they walked to the car.


15 minutes before the incident, they were playing so rough with each other.

My hyperactive boys…


Funny thing I should mention before I forgot.

Went to the bank to set up a remittance account to send money to my Mom. The bank teller was trying to be nice and courteous. She asked me if I did not have work on that day. I told her that I am a staying home mom, and she said this…

Oh wow, that’s so nice, you must have a lot of free time on your hands!

I was not sure how to rebut, and just smiled then told her that I have two demanding and hyperactive boys.

What I should have told her was that most of my time were splendidly spent doing yoga, sitting at Starbucks for hours drinking coffee, shopping for clothes, shoes and bags, and then having body and facial massages, while my maid does cleaning, laundry, cooking, dropping off and picking up the kids as well as the husband, homeschooling them, and any other miscellaneous things needed to raise two boys.

If only I could dream of such life!