25 phút ở SF

Hay con gọi là “nuôi tình” nghe cho nó sang. 😀

Sáng nay sau khi bỏ hai thằng con ở trường thì mình và đại gia đi ăn sáng. Vào tiệm bánh Noah’s bagel mua mỗi đứa một cái, ăn trong vòng 15 phút, đứa uống trà đứa nhâm nhi cà phê sữa nóng. Ăn rồi lái xe đếm trạm xe lửa để gửi xe rồi đón xe BART vào thành phố.

Đoạn đường xe lửa cũng khoảng 45 phút với vào San Francisco. Buổi sáng ngăn xe nào cũng đông chen lấn, mình hên tìm được chổ ngồi còn đại gia chỉ có chổ đứng. Đại gia thường nói, nổi khổ của ổng là mỗi sáng chiều đi về hay bị nhồi nhét vậy đó. Sáng này mình đón xe đúng giờ cao điểm nên cảm nhận được nổi khổ của đại gia. Nói thôi anh ráng, dù vậy cũng đở hơn là lái xe vào SF rồi ngồi trên xa lộ hơn cả tiếng đồng hồ để vào thành phố. Trong hai nổi khổ thì hình như bị nhồi nhét trong xe lửa chắc cũng đở hơn là ngồi trong xa lộ. Cũng may lúc trở về thì xe vắng khách nên hai đứa ngồi cùng nhau trò chuyện rồi ngắm cảnh hai bên đường.

Lý do sáng nay phải đi vào SF là vì đại gia phải đi lấy mắt kiếng lão. Văn phòng bác sĩ ở gần chổ đại gia làm nên ổng đi khám ở đó rồi đặc luôn kiếng ở đó. Mà đi vô thành phố đi dạo chỉ vọn vẹn khoảng 25 phút rồi phải trở lại đón xe về vì sợ không kịp giờ đi đón thằng đậu em ở trường. Nếu có thêm thời gian là đã chạy qua bên Ferry Building để ăn vài con hàu tươi sống rồi. Vậy mà trong mấy tiếng đồng hồ không có hai thằng đậu con hai vợ chồng mình cũng thấy như hâm nóng lại cái thời chưa có con được dung dăng dung dẻ nắm tay đi vô phố ở Boston vậy. Lâu lâu được thời gian riêng để nuôi tình chứ không tình nó bị đói khát chết mất. 🙂

Thành phố SF vào mùa này người ta trang trí đẹp quá. Đi chổ nào cũng thấy cây Noel lóng lánh trong những điệu nhạc Giánh Sinh của mùa lễ.


The General and I

Mr. O is coming home tonight from a working trip in AZ, ending my three-days single motherhood.

Lawddd, without the General, my two boys were taking advantages of his absence and gave me some tough time. Three nights in a row I had to yell at them, and then felt heavily guilty afterwards. They are very well behaved kids, but as they grow older the joint forces of two active boys can drive me off the walls.

Anyway, after the yelling I always found calm time to talk and explain the situation, and as I now reflect, the yelling usually came about at the end of the day when I am exhausted but still had tons of work to do after they go to bed. It’s like…I am asking them to do something for me, and they still stand there playing with their toys/lego/swords/slime ..and in my head I heard myself talking…holy shit, I still have to get dinner on the table, get you guys showered and washed and read and bed time, clean the messy kitchen, put dirty dishes in dishwasher, wash pots and pans, vacuum the floor, wash it, fold clothes, wash myself…on and on and on…so by then my head voice took over that eventually molded into frustration.

This morning I wrote each of them a note and dropped into their lunch bags, hoping they would have a smile on their faces when reading it.

Tonight the General is back, so I relegate myself to being the Deputy. 😀

This photo can be a meme right here…”Oh No, the General is coming back home tonight!”

run, Forrest…run

The Parent-Teacher association at the boys’ school organized a Walk-a-Thon last week to raise money for the school. The weather was perfect for walking/running that day while it was raining heavy the day before. My boys did very well with each of their own strength, they ran/jogged instead of walk; Peanut did 8 laps, equivalent to 2 miles, and Peapod did 12 laps, that’s 3 miles…

We didn’t get any friends or O’s coworkers to sign up so we have to give the boys money for contribution to PTA’s fund. It seems that we have been donating more to our kids’ school than other organizations that needed funds this year. Our kids come first!

Overall, it was a fun experience for them. They were overjoyed that I was one of the parent volunteers for the event, helping kids with water and snack, taking photos, and even walking the course with some little Kindergarteners who couldn’t walk long distance.

And the boys slept so well that night!

when plans fail…

or when plans are more likely to fail, as I statistically project my own job performance…

Prior to having this week off, I jotted down a list of projects that need my hands-on physical labor. Some of them were just menial domestic jobs…like…going through the boys’ clothes and select outgrown stuff for Goodwill donation, or reorganizing the two closets in hallway, or…that one big project that we have put off for a year — cleaning the garage.

I was pretty over optimistic of my time listing out all those projects last week, but now that we are on a second day of the week, I still feel no urgent need to get them done. There are three baskets of laundry that I need to fold, too, but heck…I don’t want to do it. I guess being lazy during a holiday break wins over being busy and productive, and for a stay-at-home mom, being lazy does not help measuring my daily success. It’s like failing a job performance, and when I was a working mom, I hated the year-end job performance and evaluation, but now I am my own boss, I still don’t like it.

Anyway, Mr. O is being sent to Africa next week for a training. Actually, he is invited to be a trainer/presenter at a financial banking regulation conference. I wish it was for this week so we can also hop on the plane and go with him. I have never been to Africa, so it would be a nice visit as my passport is ready for international travel. But this reason also contribute to why we haven’t done much for the house; he is busy trying to get his visa and other travel arrangements for the trip that he has no time to work with me, and I need a partner to do the heavy lifting. (I am just justifying to get my way out of doing all these menial tasks, as you could have guessed :D)

We were also supposed to travel south to visit my brother but we cancelled it due to other reasons, and then Peanut got strep throat so it further affirms our decision. I am telling you…this week is my week to be homebound and doing nothing.

Yay for my lazy life!

(But only for this week, though :D))

party animals

Neither Mr. O nor I are much into attending galas and holiday parties or any other crowd-gathering event. But this gala was organized by the kung fu school to support the American Red Cross and contribute to the rebuilding lives for those lost in the Napa Valley fire last month so it felt right to pull our support beyond donations that we made few weeks ago. Actually, I was the first one who bought tickets to the event when the sifu’s wife publicized the information at the school. Mr. O hesitated a bit when I told him of my intention later on, for he is not in favor of going to a party. Anyway, I made the decision, and he got to go with the flow. (You see who is the REAL boss in this house?)

So we went last night, and other than the mediocre Asian/Chinese-imitation food that they served, the event was fun and meaningful. The boys enjoyed it so much that they did not want to go home at the end of the event and begged to stay a bit more for the dancing part. If it weren’t for Mr. O who is suffering from a cold, we could have stayed for the boys to jam their way into the late night.