Day 16 — Father’s Day


I got to put on make-up today because we were invited to a party in Escondido. The boys had a great time swimming in the pool with a dozen of kids. I also broke out of my social cocoon and engaged in grown-up conversations with other adults.

We left the part at 3 pm because we didn’t want to overstay our welcome. That’s one of our cardinal rules of social etiquette. Another one is to not dress shabbily even if it is a casual gathering. We teach the boys these rules, too, so they look good upon first, second, third and beyond of impression. But anyway, we left at 3 pm while there was a throng of people still hanging around the pool.

Mr. O wanted to go out for dinner but I decided to do some grocery run and whipped up a simple dinner for us to eat at home. He asked for swordfish and pasta with lemon sauce. I also made homemade mango ice cream for the kids using the Vitamix blender. They didn’t warm up to it at first because their tongues are used to the taste of heavily creamed ice cream and so my version was said to be bland and missing a punch.

I guess the day was a bit eventful and I liked it that we went out of our boring routine to meet other adults. The boys also had the opportunity to socialize with a different set of kids their own age. They were so happy to have new friends although I don’t think they will meet as often as they want to.

Mr. O had a great Father’s Day.


Day 15 — the prayers ascended with fragrant swirling smoke


We went to a Buddhist temple in San Marcos today to pray for my Dad. I didn’t get to do it on the second anniversary of his death in April. Tomorrow is Father’s Day, so I felt the need to go and pray for him.

Mr. O and the kids went along with me. We met the head monk and introduced ourselves. He was very cordial and welcoming; he told us that the prayer hall is opened every day and everyone is welcome to come for meditation or prayers.

The monk helped us lighting up incense sticks; I had three, Mr. O and the kids each had one. We all knelt down in silence the fragrant of burning smoke swirled above our heads as we prostrated three times with prayers.

Solemnity struck a cord within me. I cried.

I just couldn’t help holding back the tears. I was on my knees for about five minutes, and I just cried. I prayed that my Dad would have arrived somewhere peaceful, and would find himself entering the valley of rebirth. I prayed that in his next life time he would have both parents, and to know exactly the date of his birth. I prayed that somewhere and somehow, he would think of us too.

After that, the monk then he took us on a tour the temple ground. It’s a small temple, but in a nice location, a bit elevated, and nestled in between old and new house development as well as commercial buildings. The monk told us that they just purchased the connecting land of about seven ares to expand the temple in the near future. He even showed us the blueprints of the expansion and it seems a beautiful place for spiritual retreat. However, it will take a few more years to raise the fund and to break the ground for construction.


It’s half June already?

We took the kids to a Gap outlet to get them some summer clothes. The ones I have saved from last summer have now become small for them. They outgrown most of those.

Mr. O, as a fashionista as he is, also picked up a whole lot of shorts and shirts for his summer outfits.


Photos of the kids on their last day of school.

Day 14 — leftover here and leftover there


Mr. O called at 5 pm asking if we want to out to eat. I told him that we have left over and we should clean out the fridge. So for dinner we actually had five dishes and a green salad. That’s why I titled the post as such.

I let the boys being creative today for many hours to get away from TV and computers. The end result of their creativity is a messy home. From the dinner table to the coffee table, the living room floor to their room floor and all over the kitchen area where I have kept the recycling bin. They went through the bin to pick up egg carton and the the core of paper towel snd other useful stuff. They also went through my kitchen drawers and fetched some aluminum foils to make swords and spears and other imaginary tools.

They are also making their own movie so they designed their own costumes. This morning they casted me as Mrs. Teerius (they were playing on the word Mysterious) and gave me a page of script. The script was was like this To my son and his friend, I have a mission for you two, Script is on the loose, and you must go to protect the town.

I didn’t receive any casting fee. But it’s ok. I pull all support for their success.

Two nights ago at dinner we were talking about finding a bigger place so that the boy can have a room of each own. To our surprise the boys refused because they want to continue sharing a room. I thought that was nice that they have enjoyed each other company that much and don’t want to be parted.

Yesterday we went to the library to return books and pick up another set. Peanut is now reading chapter books because his teacher recommended that he should read higher level as he is an advance reader. He is a bit hesitant about the new challenge but when he sees his brother enjoying books he is also taking a small step into the challenge.

It’s Friday!

Day 13 — save some money


It’s so hard to write this post today, not because I have a tough day, but because I have nothing much to write.

I guess the highlight of the day was to change our insurance from one company to another to reduce the cost but still get the same coverage. Mr. O did a good job searching around and talking to various agencies in the area. He is good with these kind of household matters and manages very well. I am lucky to have him taking over these stuff for me.

Another thing to note that I made a new dish today to clean up the meat drawer in the fridge. The dish has ground turkey, lemon grass, fresh turmeric, and lots of garlic. To my surprise Mr. O liked it and would like to have it again. He is a picky eater, which I loathe, and had found turkey meat is off-putting if not roasted Thanksgiving-style and to be eaten with gravy. So to have him liking a turkey dish and also a new dish is a surprise to me. I only intended to make it for myself but once he tasted it he approved it.

Boy, I started this post at 8:30 pm when I first got to bed and it is now 10:15 pm. I told you, it is a hard post to write.

Day 12 — altering life style


Mr. O came home today with a bright smile showing off his blood test results. Our number one concern has always been his cholesterol number. It has always been so high to near 300, particularly is bad cholesterol number. However, today the total number dropped significantly, from 290 or so at the last health check up in October to 232 today.

So we both concluded that the contributing factor for the drop of his cholesterol number was due to him not traveling extensively like he used to before this job. We have had home cook meals everyday whereas when he traveled he ate out at restaurants almost everyday. But at home I carefully select organic and provide dishes with nutritional purposes. We do eat out on weekends but I am also selective on dishes that we consume even though sometimes we had cheat meals and forwent healthy stuff and just gnawed on stuff that load with carb and sugar.

Anyway, Mr. O is very happy about it. He is actually surprised at how much of an improvement he has gotten just from not traveling. So it is more of a blessing that he switched job and made a big move. Also, we have done a lot of walking and hiking. I guess a combination healthy food and being active on our feet has helped making a difference.


First day of summer break has been well. I let the kids having their free choices to select TV and computer games more than they had before. I also took them out to the park early to avoid the rising heat. They rode their scooters and I walked for two miles. By that time the heat was getting warmer, too much for the kids to bear so we quit the park and went to the dry cleaner to pick up clothes for Mr. O. The rest of the day we spent indoor even though I planned to take them to the library to pick up more books.

P.S. I finished Season 3 of Poldark last night.