Day 21 — First day of summer

Today is the first day of summer!

Father’s Day is just an ordinary day for us this year. O has too much work on his plate but we managed to take the boys out to a festival in the city on Saturday. Today we spent a few hours at my brother’s house for the boys to hang out with their cousins.

For now, just a series of photos because I have little time at the end of the day to put together this post.

At the festival on Saturday.

Can someone show these two superheroes their ways home? They are lost!

Hanging out with cousins.


4 thoughts on “Day 21 — First day of summer

  1. Hình mấy cha con dễ thương quá chừng! Hình 3 mẹ con thì mẹ tươi lắm mà sao anh PP buồn so dzậy? Hổng chịu chụp hình hả?

    Chèng ui, nhắm 2 anh chàng superheroes này dzui quá lun.

    Có cousins gần gần tuổi nhau, quây quần vui chơi thích nhen!

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